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We are a modern marketing agency with offices in Ibiza, London & Glasgow

Some might call us a digital media agency and others might call us a social media marketing solutions provider. We prefer to let our client’s campaign results do most of the talking.

Social Media Management and Marketing, Internet Advertising, Website Design, SEO and many more digital solutions

Everyone thinks social media is easy – you open up a page and put out a competition, general post or junk and the fans will flock in. If you are one of these people then good luck – you’ll probably need it!

If you are more realistic and realise the importance of brand image and how the resources and dedication you’ve spent on building your brand should be carried through to the digital world, then you have come to the right place.

Forget the hard sell! We help brands shine online just as they shine in the real world, focusing on brand awareness and interaction.

Granted, it might not mean a sale right away but the next time your 50,000 followers want to buy a product that you sell you’ll have a much higher chance of being front-of-mind and their first port of call.

We’ll concentrate on the life-blood of social media which is trends, stats and analytics – so we constantly analyze, monitor and adapt throughout a campaign to ensure effectiveness and clear measurable results.

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Our team consists of a charismatic and dynamic bunch of marketing and tech geniuses.

Back in 2001, people on our team built a massively multiplayer online game while still in high school (over 16,000 international players at its peak!). Some other (much younger) team members were probably still potty training at that point.

Kevin Dougans
Managing Director
Dwayne Nolan
Conor Graham
Regional Manager UK
Keith Mitchell
Junior Account Manager
Lauren McTrusty
Business Development Manager
Christy Lightley
Digital Marketing Specialist
Brett Dorrans
Senior Digital Designer
Gregg Kelly
Content Creator
Francesca Fraser
Account Manager
Chris Feetham
Front End Developer
Kirsty Meeke
Account Manager
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Our Green Commitment

As part of our continuing mission to leave the world better than we found it, we aim to be as Green as possible in everything we do.

Not everything can be replaced. So we reuse and recycle whenever possible. We consider our environmental impact during all stages of design, planning and implementation. A Digital Agency does digital. No surprises there, huh? We don't print unless it's absolutely necessary. We prefer to peer at our screens.

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Some might call us a digital media agency and others might call us a social media marketing solutions provider. We prefer to let our client’s campaign results do most of the talking. We at Ibiza Digital Media are passionate … Read More

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