GDPR is your chance to take the crown!

With GDPR having come in to effect as of May 25th, many business owners and marketers have been sent into a state of panic over how the new laws will affect their business. There’s a widespread misconception that GDPR means the death of direct marketing, and there will be an endless amount of work needed to comply with the law. However, these new regulations are not necessarily all bad. In fact, there are a number of ways in which you can benefit from GDPR and use this as your chance to shine in front of your competitors.

Here are the ways we will be helping our clients to take advantage GDPR:



  • Building credibility and trust


One of the main purposes of GDPR is to remove the ambiguity surrounding current data laws, and force businesses to become more transparent with customers. With the introduction of the new regulations, businesses in the UK or EU must:


  • receive explicit permission from the data subject
  • clearly state what the data is being used for
  • be ready to disclose what data is stored, and delete a person’s data upon their request


While this may initially seem like a huge blow to business owners, those who demonstrate an honest approach to the gathering and use of their customers’ data will inevitably fare better in winning the trust of their audience, meaning that people will be more willing to hand over their data in the first place


  • Engaging old data and reigniting leads


If your business has operated an email list of any size for a significant length of time, you’re bound to have a percentage of people who have forgotten that they ever signed up, and don’t remember about your company. With the introduction of GDPR, you will now be obliged to reach out to old leads to give them more information about the steps you are taking to protect their data.


This gives businesses the opportunity to recapture old leads, potentially turning them into engaged and repeat customers. Yes, this may require work but those companies who make the effort and show their customers that they have put measures in place to ensure their data is managed in a fit and proper manner will stand out against the competition.



  • Innovative digital strategies


Businesses that invest the time to learn about the new regulation and its implications, and are willing to adapt and develop new strategies to comply will thrive under GDPR and inevitably excel ahead of the the rest in the coming months.

It is vital that you take this opportunity to reevaluate your digital marketing efforts to take full advantage of GDPR for your business, and create electrifying digital campaigns that your customers won’t want to miss out on whilst your competitors do little or nothing.

Hopefully this post has opened your eyes to the ways in which you can use GDPR to your business’ advantage and capitalise on the new regulations before your competitors have the chance to catch up.