IDM's Guide to Facebook Carousel Ads

Facebook is widely thought of by advertisers as the go-to platform for social media advertising - with over 1.7 billion active monthly users, it isn’t hard to see why. As such, Facebook offers a wide range of advertising formats which are fully customisable to best fit the online marketing needs of your business. As an agency, it’s literally our job to keep on top of format changes, updates & improvements so that we can make our clients shine online! We’ve put together our guide to Facebook’s Carousel Ad format so that you can go forth & prosper in your online advertising efforts. What Even Are Carousel Ads? Facebook’s Carousel format allows advertisers to upload 3-5 images and/or GIFs, image-specific headlines, links & calls-to-action into a single ad unit; enabling you to fully showcase your product & service offering to online users. When shown, users can scroll through the images like a (you guessed it) carousel. Funny, that! Carousel adverts don’t just look great - they’ve also been proven to deliver better results than your standard Facebook ads. According to data collected by Kinetic Social, Carousel ads can drive up to 10x more traffic to advertiser websites than static sponsored Facebook posts. LOVOO have also reported that this type of advert can deliver up to a 72% increase in click-through-rate than single-image mobile app ads. Carousel Ad example for The Regal NYC Facebook’s Carousel format is available to advertisers across both Facebook & Instagram. Carousel Ad example for The Regal NYC On mobile devices, users simply scroll through the images within your Carousel ad, whilst desktop users navigate through ad content using the handy left & right arrows. How to Create the Perfect Carousel Ad As you’ll know, the average Facebook Newsfeed is often loaded with content from both friends & advertisers. In order to make sure that your Carousel ad shouts above the noise, ensure that the first image card in your ad is simple but effective; communicating your message clearly & quickly to users. A great example of this is Virgin Holidays’ #DreamBigger sale campaign; the first image used in attention-grabbing & attractive. It’s also making us think about booking a trip to visit our clients across the pond! Carousel Ad example for Virgin Holidays In this ad format, you can create one long image out of the 5 available image cards. Here’s an example: screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-15-54-25 By setting up your ads in this way, you can showcase your brand content in a more visually-stimulating way when compared to standard adverts, allowing you to tell your brand story as users swipe through. Carousel ads can not only make your brand stand out above the noise of the Facebook Newsfeed, but have also been proven to deliver better online user engagement figures than standard sponsored Facebook posts. Happy advertising!