Our Top Web Development Trends of 2016

Hero Images Having a really good high quality image at the top of your website grabs the user's attention right way and gets your message across with ease. Having a button with a call to action underneath your buyamoxil-amoxicillin.com/amoxilonline.html heading on the hero drives your users to where you want them to go. Material Design Google was the first to use material design and after that it has taken a huge part in web design. Using flat and bold colours with slight shadows gives the website depth to flat designs. Typography Using big bold fonts to make your heading stand out really works especially with a website with a hero image. Using Big bold dramatic fonts is getting more popular with websites becoming more minimalistic. It also makes your site feel more personal Background Videos And Animations Using video backgrounds and animations on your site can be good and bad. If used correctly it can bring a new depth and make the user feel more engaged with the site. But if used wrong it can distract the user from what you are really trying to get across to the user.