Top Social Media Moments of 2016

2016 has been nothing short of a whirlwind, to put it mildly, and that includes the world of social media. We won’t be discussing anything related to Donald Trump or the Great Kim Kardashian West-Taylor Swift Snapchat Fiasco. We can already feel your disappointment here, but if we go down that road then there’s no guarantee we’ll stop ranting before February. We’ve rounded up the top social media moments of the year so that you’re armed with pub conversation topics for those cousins who you don’t even like.
  • Live Video
If you haven’t noticed the explosion of live video this year, let us know which rock you’ve been snoozing under - it sounds cosy. Facebook has led the live video revolution in 2016, allowing you to stream video content in real time to your friends on Facebook, making them wish they’d bought tickets to that amazing gig or DJ set. Facebook then saves your live video to your timeline, allowing you & your friends to watch it back whenever you like. Facebook’s TV campaign highlighted its aim for users to live stream more mundane elements of daily life as well as amazing experiences. Instagram is also rolling out live streaming to users in the US - expect the whole world & their granny to be ‘going live’ in 2017. facebook-live-logo2-1920
  • Instagram Stories
Ah, stories - once reserved only for Snap-happy brands, users with too much time on their hands and the Kardashians. This summer, however, Instagram absolutely did not rip off Snapchat with the launch of their Stories feature. Allowing users to post images/video content to the top of their followers’ timelines with filters, text and emoji has proven popular and has allowed brands to capitalise on this kind of social media where they once may have struggled with the quirky, Gen-Z-focused nature of Snapchat. instagram-stories-620x316
  • Whatsapp Message Encryption
Without going full Edward Snowden, the world’s most widely-used messaging platform introducing end-to-end encryption is a big deal. Facebook, owners of Whatsapp and now pretty much everything else, has taken huge steps in 2016 to protect users’ privacy - more than any other messaging app, at least. whatsapp-encryption-uk-how-to-enable-it-when-get-it-android-windows-phone-iphone-whatsapp-end-to-end-encryption-default-whatsapp-506055
  • Vine Closure
2016 was the year which Vine closed it’s doors. The Twitter-owned video sharing platform that no one really ever entirely got the hang of closed after 4 years and more than 40 million 6-second videos. So-called ‘Viners’ have actually gone a long way to influencing the broader internet zeitgeist as the videos often ended up going quasi-viral. Vine content will continue to exist in the form of an online archive for the time being. vine
  • Pokemon GO
As a fair few of the Ibiza Digital Media team are children of the 90’s, we couldn’t help but get really, really unreasonably excited by Pokemon GO this year. That is, however, until we discovered that it required us to actually go outside & walk around, then we just sat back down. The game was a hit with adults and children alike, spawning new communities and bringing virtual reality to the forefront of mainstream attention. With the creation of the Global Virtual Reality Association earlier this month, we’re excited to see where VR goes in 2017. 508800-pokemon-go-1
  • Dominance of Social Advertising
No one can really argue that 2016 was the year in which brands realised that portioning out advertising revenue to include social media ad spend was a good idea. With Instagram opening up its advertising options to brands, Snapchat adding adverts to its platform permanently and the evolutionary improvements being made to Facebook’s advertising mediums, social advertising is now an essential part of any content strategy. twitter-292994_1920