How I Improved My Pool Skills…

…and learned a lot about social media marketing.

Nowadays you can’t imagine a world without social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Nearly everyone I know uses them daily, for an unbelievably long time and for a variety of reasons. Whether we’re checking out which parties to go to, looking up the answer to a questions, viewing the new collection of our favourite shops or stalking the third cousin of a friend we met once in 2008; we are always using social networks.

But why did social media become so important, who are the people behind it and how is it used to affect purchase behaviour?

To get answers to these questions and to decide which job i want to have in the future, I decided to do an internship at Ibiza Digital Media in Glasgow. One of the first things I found out about this company was that they have a pool table in their office. I was very bad at the beginning, but i think i was getting better the more often i played when I was there. When i arrived at the office on my first day, i was surprised. It doesn’t look like a normal office – the atmosphere was really relaxed, the people were laughing and music was playing. At first i had the chance to chat to everyone about the different jobs in the agency. I was very impressed by the diversity of jobs that are needed to run this kind of company. Afterwards i had to do some small tasks on my own, e.g. working with WordPress & Excel or sending some emails. I think that this knowledge has given me a good advantage for future jobs.

These few days at Ibiza Digital Media convinced me that I want to work in the marketing sector because it is used everywhere in our daily decisions: when we have to decide between two products and even in political elections. That is why I want to understand it and be a part of it. The marketing over social media is especially interesting because it enables companies to connect on a personal level with their customers, offers more opportunities and is familiar to me because i grew up with it.